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Sea Life is a chain of commercial sea life-themed aquarium attractions. As of April 2017 there are 53 Sea Life attractions (including standalone Sea Life centres, mini Sea Life features within resort theme parks, and Legoland submarine rides) around the world. The chain is owned by the British company, Merlin Entertainments.


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Former Employee - Aquarist says

"Sense of entitlement from part time staff, lack of adequate leadership, HR only gets involved if there's risk of a legal response. No sense of loyalty to employees."

Current Employee - Host says

"Management, Hours, Racism, Employee Treatment, Business Model"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"the manager was not good"

Current Employee - Guest Experience Supervisor/Cinema Manager says

"They will literally get you to do about 3 peoples jobs. A lot of the time if someone leaves they won't employ someone to take over they well just share out the responsibilities to other employees. Everything is just focused on Money and making cuts and making money with no thought about what it has on the employees."

Former Employee - Guest Experience says

"Upper management has NO IDEA about running a zoological facility. Your ideas/input are meaningless to them even though they regularly have special meetings with a person from every department and ask for your input/suggestions/ideas. Educators (aka Guest Experience) are treated like absolute garbage - most management and aquarist staff treat you like you’re a total moron. You won’t get moved up, no matter how deserving you are, unless you’re a major brown noser, and the ones that do get moved up are typically incompetent."

Current Employee - Education says

"Ridiculously low pay, high turnover, calcified and clannish management + displays team, displays team withholds information, negligible advancement opportunities"

Current Employee - Entertainment Guest Experience Host says

". Long days, super busy and pay could be better."

Former Employee - Retail says

"No weekend penalty rates, staff cut"

Former Employee - Admissions Representative says

"Customers make the job difficult"

Current Employee - Commercial Host says

"Management very poor Hardly any shifts when out of season Poor pay in regards to amount of responsibilities"

Mitarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"- Einsatz maximal 6 bis 7 Stunden pro Schicht, unflexibles Zeitmodell - Mindestlohn - Benefits erst teilweise nach 6 Wochen Zugehörigkeit oder 1 Jahr - nicht Leistungsbereitschaft ist entscheidend für entspanntes Arbeitsklima - teils schlecht geschulte Vorgesetzte, welche Ihre Rolle ausnutzen -insgesamt ein nicht zu empfehlender Arbeitgeber, träge und veraltete Systeme - den ganzen Tag "Meeresmusik", extrem lautes Umfeld einziges Plus: wer Fische mag, gut lügen kann und keine Meinung hat ist dort gut aufgehobenMitarbeiterrabattnur 6 oder 7 Stunden Schichten"

autista patente b (Former Employee) says

"E stato un esperienza molto bella mi ha piaciuto il mio lavoro"

Educator (Current Employee) says

"SL MI does great business for its location and price package, and in my time working there I've elicited innumerable customer smiles & praise for my work. However it's currently an overall crummy place to work. Coworkers on my level (mostly entry level pay) are fantastic people with big ambitions but for those who intend to spend more than a few college semesters at this place it's a real drag. The starting pay is laughable, management a mixed bag and are sometimes bad at communicating important information. Your biggest enemy here is boredom - no distractions allowed on the floor, even on the slow weekdays. Expect to get scolded for petty or inconsequential things on slower days. The mall location has pros and cons but generally guests are well behaved, at least once inside the attraction (God help you if you work admissions!). The aquarist staff do a phenomenal job taking care of the livestock but are far too cliquey and insular for such a small public aquarium. senior education staff and even managers are often kept in the dark about things pertaining to exhibits, which is frustrating to the educators, of which many have backgrounds in biology or related fields. Management sometimes heeds employee feedback but much bigger changes (especially PAY) are needed to make this place a truly good place to work. I recommend this job if you want a foot in the animal based attraction door and can't yet escape Michigan, are a high schooler, or are retired from your real career and need cash. Full time is hard to get and options for advancement are negligible but with time youHelpful coworkers, flexible hours, very good custodial staff, fish are very healthyAbysmal pay and break times, capricious and inconsistent management, mall location is depressing and hard to get to, management emphasizes corporate profits too much"

Retail Assistent (Current Employee) says

"In diesem Beruf kommt man leicht rein und kann auch ganz leicht wieder gehen. Die Chefetage handelt unlogisch und ihre Deutschkenntnisse reichen nicht einmal für das Niveau B1. Jede Art von (wichtigen) Briefverkehr muss deshalb auf englisch geführt werden. Die Arbeitszeiten scheinen auf den ersten Blick okay, jedoch wird dieser Beruf von der Härte und Intensität stark unterschätzt. Mein Rat: wenn man es meiden kann, dann meiden Sie es.kostenlos das (sehr kleine) Sea Life besuchen7 Tage Woche"

Guest Experience Host (Former Employee) says

"The pay was barely above minimum wage and would not be adequate to all the jobs they would make you do around the workplace. The management were very undertrained, and trained the employees very minimal"

sales (Current Employee) says

"Managers are hard to please even when targets are being continuously met and beaten. You are always doing something wrong and are never praised for the good work that you do.comissionmanagement"

Operations Associate (Former Employee) says

"The aquarium is a magical place, however there is little to keep employees busy. Most of the work devolves into cleaning things that are clean and standing around waiting."

Allround medewerker (Former Employee) says

"De organisatie in Sea Life Blankenberge is zeer slecht. Je krijgt nauwelijks uitleg en moet alles zelf uitzoeken. Je weet nooit op voorhand wat je functie voor de dag zal zijn. Dat zorgt er voor dat sommige dingen fout lopen en dan kun je boze klanten hebben. Onaangename sfeer dus. Wel toffe collega's en dierenverzorgers! Op rustige dagen en wanneer je veel ervaring hebt opgedaan, kan het wel nog aangenaam werken zijn. Lage salaris, maar loopt op met leeftijd."

Education Host (Former Employee) says

"This was a part-time job while I was a substitute teacher. I was employed as part of the Educational team which included guided tours, explanations of the animals/exhibits and working with activities related to children.Fun environmentShort breaks, no benefits"

Addmissions Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was the first job I had and at first it was great and then it became stressful. The hours I received weren't worth the drive or the amount I was being paid. I would recommend it if you live close. The coworkers were fun and getting to look through the aquarium was a blast."

Guest Experience Host (Former Employee) says

"Very little hours given, with no real chance at raises. No holiday pay/hours given. Decent communication amongst managers, they were reasonably accommodating on schedules though."

Commercial Duty Manager (Current Employee) says

"Sealife Brighton is a fun place to work, there is always something different happening everyday. No two days are the same. The hours can be long and tiring but they feel rewarding.Merlins Magic Pass - Free Entry to sites"

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked just about every front staff job there was except for mascots and behind the scenes tours. The job was honestly not demanding. On busy days it was fast paced, maybe even intense, but still not demanding. At one point I was almost working full time hours as a part time employee, and that was nice but I was not exactly asked to do over 30 hours. Educating kids was fun, and I learned tons of stuff about the animals I worked around. The demand to press sales while I have a line of impatient families was a little much. It takes time to walk people through the sales pitches and right behind them are screaming children, sometimes you just wanna get them going into the aquarium, not waste their time, but if management caught ya not pressing you'd be scolded. They created games to pit us against each other to do sales and I was scolded if I did sales and did not participate in the games. Overall easy job, just most of management was annoying."

Talker und Service (Former Employee) says

"Im Sea Life wurde ich wahnsinnig oft krank obwohl ich ein sehr gutes Immunsystem habe, viele haben sich (mich miteinbezogen) beklagt, dass man als Talker viel zu wenig Vergütung kriegt obwohl man sich den Hals kaputt redet in Räumen wo die Luft super schlecht für einen ist. Ich fand auch nicht, dass sie die Tiere gut genug behandelten (ausser den Aquaristen)."

Un poco de todo (Former Employee) says

"Se trabaja bastante bien,hay buen ambiente de trabajo."

Operations Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked here as my first job. Learned ALOT about customer service. The main positions were scanning tickets, shark station, and touch pool. After a while they would train you as breaker and GI (guest interaction). Mangament was kinda annoying/bossy at times and definitely played favorites. The best part was definitely my coworkers! They made going to work fun. Worst part was the customers. They were mostly nice but would yell/argue with you when we didnt allow strollers in. The aquarist all looked like they hated their job lol. Its a nice way to gain experience if youre intrested in this field but the probability of advancement in this aquarium is zero. Overall it was a great first job!Cheap food, awesome coworkers, free tickets and discountsRude AF customers"

EDUCATOR (Former Employee) says

"Great job for in between jobs, however not a forever job. Great managers and awesome atmosphere, however the job is pretty slow paced with not much excitement."

Admissions Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at the front counter is a snooze job. On really slow days during the week there is nothing to do but pace. Weekends can get busy so it helps the day go by faster."

Operations Manager - Betriebsleiter (Former Employee) says

"Das Umfeld ist eher schwierig und wird durch verschiedene unterschiedliche Interessen geleitet."

laminarz (Former Employee) says

"Firma stosuje XIX wieczne metody zatrudnienia. Totalna inwigilacja za pomocą kamer. Aby obniżyć koszty, część zarobków jest wypłacana "pod stołem", co ma istotny wpływ na przyszłą emeyturę zatrudnionego.nie maniskie zarobki, częściowo praca "na lewo", bez ubezieczeń"

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